Manicure with Polish(55 minutes £35)
Includes cuticle tidy, cut/file nails, exfoliation, moisturise and polish.

Luxury Manicure With Polish(85 minutes £40)
As above plus cuticle moisturiser, hand/arm massage, mask application & wrap in thermal mitts for extra nourishment.

Pedicure with Polish(55 minutes £40)
Includes foot spa, hard skin removal, exfoliation, cuticle tidy, moisturise, file & polish.

Luxury Pedicure with Polish(85 minutes £45)
As above plus cuticle moisturiser, foot/leg massage, mask application & wrap in thermal booties for added nourishment.

Express Manicure/Pedicure(30 minutes £25)
Includes cuticle tidy, file & polish.

File & Polish(25 minutes £20)

GEL Manicure/Pedicure(60 minutes £35)
Cuticle tidy, file, GEL application, moisturise.

Deluxe GEL Manicure(85 minutes £45)
Cut/file nails, exfoliation, cuticle tidy, gel application, moisturise, hand mask & thermal mitts, hand/arm massage.

Deluxe GEL Pedicure(85 minutes £50)
Cut/file nails, hard skin removal, exfoliation, cuticle tidy, gel application, moisturise, foot mask & thermal booties, foot/leg massage.

Callus Peel Treatment(£25)
Innovative callus removal that softens hard skin on heel/ball of foot, leaving skin soft and rejuvenated.

GEL Soak Off(£9)

French Polish(Add £3)

Semilac SemiFlash(Add £3)

Nail Gems(50p each)


Toe nail reconstruction (£25 per nail)

Gel Essentials Nail Extensions
Gel Essentials Sculpting Gel can be applied over tips, used to sculpt over natural nails on a form or as a natural nail overlay. An odour free system offering extremely strong/flexible results with no yellowing or lifting.

Application of full set of extensions (£38)

Application of full set of extensions & gel manicure (£50)

Gel Infills (2 – 3 weeks) (£25)

Gel removal (£25)

Gel Manicure/pedicure (75 mins £40) Cuticle tidy, file, exfoliation, gel application, moisturise


HAIR & MAKE UP(Prices available upon request)
Professional hair and make up for bridal and party bookings.

Express Facial(30 minutes £30)
A perfect blend of organic cleansing, exfoliating, mask application, mini scalp massage, toning and moisturising. Optimum results targeting all your skin concerns.

Tropic is a UK based award winning skincare brand. All the products have ingredients that promote the overall health of our skin with an emphasis on green science innovation, delivering freshly made, natural products that deliver great results.

Tropic proudly stand to say that all their ingredients are:

Cruelty free
Sustainably sourced
Environmentally friendly
Greener: double offset any carbon emissions from their journey to us
Verified as safe and high quality by Think Dirty
Listed in English and the traditional INCI

Improves skin elasticity, soothes irritated skin and accelerates skin repair.
Dewy, youthful, super-nourished skin.

Refined pore-appearance, plumper, clearer complexion.
Soothed and hydrated skin.
Reduces inflammation and defends against spot-causing bacteria.

A brighter, radiant, more evenly toned complexion.
Boosts collagen production and protects against free radical damage.
Targets the visible signs of ageing by reducing appearance of wrinkles.

Resurfacing and pore-refining.
Peel has a blend of hydroxy acids making it an effective exfoliator.
Brightens complexion and reduces hyperpigmentation.

Gua Sha Crystal (add £10)

Enzyme peel add on (£10)
Esthemax Hydrojelly Mask add on (£12)


Facial(75 minutes £55)
A skin analysis, followed by cleanse, exfoliation, black head extraction, pressure point massage and customised mask application for a clean, clear complexion, scalp massage, tone and moisturise.

Chest/Chest & Stomach/Back Wax(£25/£35/£35)

1/2 Arm Wax/Full Arm Wax(20 minutes £25/25 minutes £35)

Full Leg Wax(30 minutes £40)

Eyebrow Shape(£10)
Cheek bone inc. beard line (Thread £6 Wax £10)

Manicure(25 minutes £30)
Includes cuticle work, nail shape, exfoliation and hand massage.

Pedicure(30 minutes £40)
Includes cuticle work, nail shape, hard skin removal, foot scrub and foot massage.


What is Dermaplane?

Dermaplaning is an innovative approach of deep exfoliation whereby the top layer of dulling dead skin cells are gently scraped off.
A surgical scalpel at a 45 degree angle is used to remove the build up of any dirt; oil and dry skin in blocked pores.

What can I expect during the treatment?

After eye makeup removal the skin will be double-cleansed. The dermaplane procedure is methodically carried out working the whole face one area at a time. The vellus hair (also known as “peach fuzz”) is completely removed during the process leaving skin ultra smooth. After the dermaplaning is complete, a serum, moisturiser and SPF will be applied to finish.

Who can have Dermaplane treatment?

Dermaplane is the answer for those who want to improve their complexion due to rough, dry skin, superficial hyperpignentation, mild acne scarring or fine lines/wrinkles.
Dermaplaning is a celebrity favourite. Why? It eliminates vellous hair that cakes up in make up and can be enhanced by high-definition cameras. Dermaplane can enhance and prepare skin for more intrusive procedures such as chemical peels, enzyme peels, resurfacing laser treatments. Results are amplified!

How often would I need a treatment?

Dermaplaning facials are recommended every 3-4 weeks to maintain results.
By removing superficial skin cells, this allows for greater penetration of skincare products by up to 60% more and creates a flawless canvas for makeup application

Are there any side effects?

Totally invasive, painless, safe and no recovery time needed.
Skin is stretched during the procedure and the blade is always held at a 45 degree angle to reduce the risk of nicking the skin. Application of a balm is applied prior to the procedure to enable the blade to glide across the skin smoothly.
Skin may be a little pink immediately after treatment during to being stretched but this normally subsides within an hour or so. Peach fuzz/vellous hairs do not come back thicker and stronger. Hair will grow back at exactly the same rate, thickness and texture as before.
Skin will be more sensitive to sun exposure so it is important to wear SPF 50 daily post-treatment to reduce risk of hyperpigmentation.

What results can I expect to see?

Dermaplane is the ultimate glow treatment.
Skin is instantly refined smooth, glowing and refreshed.
Dermaplaning is three times more effective as Microdermabrasion alone as it exfoliates to a far greater extent.


Express facial £50 (whole face area down to jawline)
Luxury facial £70 ( whole face area including neck area)


Sports Massage(30 minutes £45, 60 minutes £60)
A deep tissue massage that helps speed recovery, improve mobility, prevent injury and boost performance. Releases tension, reduces scar tissue and improves range of movement. Effective for tennis elbow, RSI, sprains/strains, whiplash and plantar fasciitis.

Hot Stone Massage(30 minutes £40, 85 minutes £60)
A massage with hot basalt stones using warm luxurious oils over the body to penetrate deep heat that eases tension and revitalises the muscle tissue through increased blood circulation.

Pregnancy Massage(30 minutes £40, 75 minutes £65)
A relaxing massage for mothers-to-be for physical and emotional changes related to pregnancy. Pre-natal massage can only be taken after the first 12 weeks.

Aromatherapy Massage(30 minutes £45, 60 minutes £60)
A soothing massage incorporating pure essential oils chosen and specially blended to improve your physical and emotional well-being.

Tumeric oil (add £5)

Swedish Massage(30 minutes £40, 60 minutes £55)
A stimulating body massage aimed to alleviate muscular tension and promote relaxation.

Indian Head Massage(45 minutes £40)
A deeply relaxing massage on the neck, shoulders, head and upper back based on Ayurveda techniques. Includes facial pressure point massage. Effective for the treatment of headaches, migraines and insomnia.

Reflexology(60 minutes £55)
A holistic treatment that stimulates pressure points in the feet to generate reflex actions that correspond with the organs, glands and nerves within the body which can improve blood supply, alleviate tension, restore balance and promote well-being. Includes a luxury foot massage.

Full Body Lava Shell £65
Back/Neck/Shoulder Lava Shell £45
This luxurious massage treatment straight from the Phillipines uses heated Tiger Clam Shells with exotic oils to deeply massage the body, providing relief from aches, pains, stress and tension. Varying levels of pressure and massage techniques are applied and soothing heat of the shells helps to calm and rebalance both body and mind.


Invigorating Foot & Leg Treatment (30 minutes £40)
Designed to treat tired, puffy, achy feet and legs. Includes exfoliation of legs, followed by a deep tissue massage to lower legs and feet.

Back, Face & Scalp Treatment (90 minutes £95)
An intensive and regenerating treatment for all skin types that consists of back exfoliation, including back, neck & shoulder massage, full facial and scalp massage.

Luxury Back, Face & Scalp Treatment (110 minutes £100)
An indulgent experience that comprises of back exfoliation, hot stone back massage, facial and scalp massage.

Stress Relief Treatment (120 minutes £100)
Great way to relieve stress and tension on the body and face consisting of full body exfoliation, express facial and a full body massage.


A sumptuous range to exfoliate, moisturise, renew and energise your skin.

Back Scrub (30 minutes £30)
This treatment starts by cleansing your back, followed by exfoliation to eliminate dead skin cells and a gentle mini back massage finished with a hydrating moisturiser.

Full Body Exfoliation (45 minutes £45)
An all over body exfoliation to add smoothness & suppleness to your skin whilst reducing dryness, removing dead skin cells and completed with a nourishing moisturiser.

Full Body Polish & Body Wrap (60 minutes £70)
A luxurious pampering treatment which includes top to toe body brushing and exfoliation, followed by a rich aromatic mask and replenishing body butter. Excellent treatment for dehydrated skin.


Microblading is an advanced manual method of cosmetic tatooing/micropigmentation. Ideal to enhance the appearance of eyebrows with natural looking hair-like strokes

Results last from 1-3 years. Consultation and patch test required 48 hours prior of treatment.

£25 deposit to secure booking

Initial treatment £250 (includes complimentary enhancement session after 4-12 weeks)

Enhancement 3-9 months £75

Enhancement 9-12 months £120

Enhancement 12-18 months £170

Enhancement 18+ months £250


An ancient form of hair removal. 100% cotton thread is used to remove unwanted hair, leaving effective results.

Eyebrow shape £10
Lip/Chin £5

Full Face (excluding eyebrows) £25
Sides of Face/Neck £9

Eye treatments

Eyelash Tint* £20

Eyebrow Tint* £12

*Treatments involving tints require a patch test at least 24 hours before your first treatment. Lasts approx. 4-6 weeks.

Strip Lashes £7

A fast effective way of removing unwanted hair for approx. 4-6 weeks. Using tea tree wax, ideal for sensitive skin types.

Full Leg Wax £35
3/4 Leg Wax £30
1/2 Leg Wax £25

Full Arm Wax £30
1/2 Arm Wax £20
Eyebrow shape £10
Back/Lower Back £25/£15

Lycon Waxing
A complete advanced hot waxing system that is designed to make your waxing treatments easier, virtually pain free. Superb results guaranteed.

Standard Bikini Wax £25
G-String Wax £30
Brazilian Wax £45
Hollywood Wax £45

Underarm Wax £20
Lip/Chin Wax £10
Sides of Face/Neck £10
Full face including eyebrows £40

Gift vouchers available – valid for 3 months.

Cancellation Policy
A minimum of 24 hours notice is required to cancel appointments otherwise, a 50% cancellation fee will apply.
Payment by cash or card only.
Prices effective from 1st May 2023.

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